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Tools and Information:

  • Personalized Divorce Adjustment Report
  • The Foundations Video eCourse
  • How to Let Go Seminar
  • The Financial Freedom eCourse
  • The Rebuild eBook


  • Connect with others going dealing with Heartbreak as well


  • Get a 30-Minute Clarity Coaching Call with an Expert Divorce Coach

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We will not sell, distribute or share your information. This program is provided as a service to you during this very difficult time in your life!

Here's the Information and Content you get!


The Foundations eCourse ($147 Value)

  1. Learn HOW your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors relate and how to interrupt the cycle.
  2. Learn HOW to interrupt your recurring thoughts so that you can gain control and find peace.
  3. Learn about your Feelings and how they relate to what you need so that you can Let Go!
  4. Tips and Information on how to practice self care.

A Personalized Divorce Adjustment Report ($30 Value)

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment test to learn how well you are adjusting to divorce. You will get scores in 6 key areas and then free training on what the scores mean, how you are doing compared to others, and what you can do to feel better (and raise your scores).


The Financial Freedom eCourse ($97 Value)

  1. Over 50 ways to earn money quickly (one can earn you up to $500 a day)!
  2. Get a budget together using simple tools
  3. Find ways to

How to Let Go Seminar ($97 Value)

Two of our top divorce coaches answer questions about How to Let Go from over 50 students. Over two hours of suggestions, concepts, and support on the most difficult phase when dealing with the effects of Divorce.


The Rebuild eBook ($17 Value)

  1. Learn the Proven Process that has worked for thousands of people for over 40 years
  2. Read how others use this information to answer the unanswerable questions about what happened and why
  3. Learn how YOU can release the anger and grief
  4. Proven strategies for Building Your Self Worth
  5. Key information on how not to repeat the cycle in your next relationship

Join our Community!


Join our Rebuilding Community

Connect with others dealing with divorce.

  1. Share
  2. Ask questions
  3. Get Support
  4. Support others

Talk to an Expert Divorce Coach!


Get a FREE 30 Minute Consultation ($50 Value)

Get support from a trained expert on how to move forward in a way that works best for you.

  1. Review your test scores
  2. Find the "low hanging fruit"
  3. Get insight on your most difficult issues
  4. Recommendations on ideas for learning and growing

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