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Faster, Cheaper, And More Effective Help

Watch the video below to learn more about Rebuilders and the 10-Week Program

What’s your healing story?

The secret to the transformational experience our students have every single week goes beyond the material. It’s the community.

We limit each class to 10 total spots in order to give everyone time to talk and learn from each other. Large enough to get different perspectives, small enough to get the attention you need.

Every spot represents someone who recognizes…

“I want to heal, but the pain lingers.”

“I want to forgive myself, I’m just not sure how.”

“I want to let go of my anger, shame, and regret.”

“I want to be at peace & feel happy again.”

“I’m ready to move on, I just need some help.”

What will your spot represent?

To learn more about enrollment, fill out the Questionnaire Below so that we can be prepared to talk with you about your unique story and Help you sign you up for an upcoming class. 

Here’s what others are saying about their experience before and after attending the workshop:

Tina is finally in a good place right now and knows its going to get even better! After 27 years of marriage, she had to Rebuild her life

Carl went through a spectrum of change and learned how to create confidence in himself! He thanks Rebuilders for this journey.

Jamie spent her days crying and silently going through hell. Then, Rebuilders came along and it was a summer that she will never forget!

Let Me Encourage You:

You Don’t Have To Feel Lost Any Longer.

You Don’t Have To Hate Where You’ve Been Or Where You Are.

You Don’t Need To Live A Nightmare.

You Can Get Through This!

And We Can Help You Do It 5X Faster, More Effectively, And More Affordably Than Other Therapeutic Approaches.

It’s Time To Move On With Your Life.

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